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Based on our experiences and achievements, we offer “Custom-Made Air-Conditioning Systems” such as general air-conditioning of ordinary buildings and industrial air-conditioning of factories which meets individual user needs and installation environment ideally.

Maintenance Service
Our high-skilled engineers, who have much knowledge and experiences of reduction of life-cycle costs, help you to create comfortable environments with full function. We promise to resolve your difficulties at any stages.


Preventive Maintenance Program Preventative maintenance
Introduction and implementation of various measures to predict, deter and avoid breakdowns before its adverse effect or breakdown.

Objective of Preventive Maintenance
To detect early, potential functional problems and to act in time to prevent such occurrence to run the system continuity smoothly


Renovation is to assess building conditions and refresh them. The renewal works are based on the idea of “Modernization” which means improving the functions to the latest level.


Sanitary Work
Sanitary systems are one of the most essential facilities for human lives. However, they are too mundane to keep caring all the time. By designing, working on and maintaining the systems effectively, we realize agreeable indoor environments as well as try to save resources and prevent environmental pollution.


We believe that utilizing resources effectively is necessary as well as energy saving at any stages of consultation to works. We have adopted “Co generation Systems” in our own office buildings and offer various electric works which is required for new construction and renovating works.


Landscape Design and Maintenance
We specialize in landscape design, construction, and maintenance services. We handle many aspects of landscape management, lawn maintenance, sprinkler installation, creating a water feature, a complete landscaping project, including Japanese garden, Tropical garden, both modern and traditional. We work and create each project with a high standard of service and professional excellence.
We have certified professional staff with technology, and creativity and experience to serve a wide range of clients, from city parks, commercial public spaces, corporate campuses and condominiums, to residential yards.

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