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Wealth of Experiences・Reliable Techniques・Faithful Works

• ACMV System (Split Type, VRV, VRF)


• Water Supply & Sanitary System • Fire Protection & Alarm System


• Maintenance • Engineering Report • Renovation

Design, Supply, Install, Testing & Commissioning

Image by Sergei Akulich

Air Conditioning

We offer “Custom-Made Air-Conditioning Systems” such as general air-conditioning of ordinary buildings and industrial air-conditioning of factories which meets individual user needs and installation environment ideally.


ACMV System
(Split Type, VRV, VRF)

We propose the best air conditioning system tailored to the individual needs and the installation environment by a custom of air-conditioning which arises from abundant experience and results such as general air conditioning of various buildings, production facilities in the factory, industrial air-conditioning such as the work environment and plant.



Remodeling is to understand the health of the building accurately and to refresh.  The renewal work will be developed under the thought of modernization (plan to increase the old equipment to the latest level).  We will continue to create new spaces in pursuit of ideals.
We offer a comfortable living environment to our customers through offices and rental apartments designed using our unique technology and experience.


Water Supply

Water in Yangon is not clean, we use filtration device at the water supply equipment and provide customers clean and safe water.
In order to make tap water clean enough to drink, we put the device which can feed chlorine automatically for sterilization.


Sanitary System

Water supply and sanitation equipment that is too familiar and easy to forget. In fact, it is an indispensable equipment for man to live.
Through its effective design, construction and maintenance, we have achieved a comfortable indoor environment, and are actively working to conserve resources and prevent environmental pollution.

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